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The electric motor is the heart of the fan (A fan is a device for moving various gas mixtures), most often fans are used in heating, ventilation, aspiration and air cooling systems.

The fan consists of an electric motor, a rotor shaft that drives the rotating part, blades or impeller.

The fan motor is a key element of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning), HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. The failure of the fan motor leads to the shutdown of the entire HVAC system (HVAC) of buildings and structures, which in many cases jeopardizes the functioning of the building for its intended purpose, and in some cases can lead to a serious accident.

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One of the integral elements of any climate system and not only is an electric motor. It drives compressors, fans, conveyors and other devices. Regardless of its location, the electric motor is somehow affected by the environment - temperature, dust, humidity, and so on. However, the electric motor itself has an effect on it with noise and vibrations. To protect yourself and prevent premature technical failure and shutdown of the entire HVAC (HVAC) system, you need to choose worthy products from a reliable supplier.

The supplier of FANCOILMOTORS®️ is the sales center HVACMOTORS.RU®️, an organization that ranks high in the CIS market. HVACMOTORS.RU®️ has its own warehouse, which allows you to quickly select and supply originals and analogues of fans and electric motors for climate equipment at a bargain price, as well as all parts for the repair of these devices. Types of motors There are two types of motors: asynchronous (single-phase or three-phase) and synchronous (with direct current). What is the difference? 

The two types under consideration have a different design:

 •  Different power sources: alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)

 • Speed. The speed of the DC motor is regulated by the fact that the current in the motor changes, and the AC speed by the fact that the frequency changes.. 

 AC motors are used most often in industry, because they have such a number of advantages: 

 • Simple structure

 • High strength

• Small consumption at startup.

 The speed of AC motors is constant, so pumps and fans are well suited for this type of application. AC devices are divided into two groups: single-phase motors, that is, those that are used to power from a single-phase network and are used for low-power equipment and three-phase - those that are used to power from a three-phase network and are used for both low-power and large industrial equipment. objects.

 DC motors are as common in industry as AC motors due to:

 • Accuracy and speed of work;

• Possibility to adjust the speed;

• Convenient installation;

• Quick launch and installation of the device.

 Such motors are used in complex structures that do not give the right to make mistakes in the accuracy of work, for example, in elevators, robots or machine tools.

 However, in addition to a sufficient number of advantages, they also have disadvantages:

 • Engines are built from parts that wear out quickly and are expensive to replace.

 • Cannot be used for high power.

 Asynchronous motors are now popular on the market and do not require much maintenance. What we have - assortment:

• Electric motor for dehumidifiers;

• Electric motor for ventilation installations;

• Electric motor for francoils;

• Electric motor for cooling.

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