Marathon Motors

is the right choice, from variable speed motors used in commercial applications and motors used for pumping to high speed extruders to "Mission Critical" motors used on icebreakers.

Marathon Motors dates back to 1913, when a group of businessmen founded the company in the small town of Wasau, Wisconsin. Marathon Motors' first product was an innovative single-phase AC washing machine motor, the company's first customer has been a loyal customer for over 106 years.

Today, Marathon Motors designs and manufactures electric motors up to 5,000 horsepower or more, with voltages from 120V to 13.8kV. Marathon Motors NEMA and IEC motors are used throughout the world in both commercial and industrial applications.

Over the years, the Marathon Motors brand has built a reputation for reliability and quality. 

In 2011, Marathon Electric BV became part of such a corporation, REGAL Beloit BV.

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