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Along with consumers of active power (heaters, lamps, conductors) and inductive elements (electromagnets, motors, transformers), capacitors are among the three main electrical / radio components. Due to their main property - capacitance, they are widely used as parts of oscillatory circuits, various filters and noise suppressors, integrating and differentiating circuits, charge accumulators, reactive power compensators and other things. But when used in piping AC motors, the main function of the capacitor is the phase shift in the auxiliary winding relative to the main one to obtain a rotating magnetic field that accelerates the rotor. In terms of price and various characteristics (specific capacitance, dielectric loss tangent, durability, parameter stability, temperature coefficient of capacitance, ohmic heating, resistance to temperature extremes, current and voltage, vibration, climatic influences, etc.) optimal for use in as launchers and workers (often located near or even directly on the motor housing) are film capacitors. This type includes a lot of series that differ in design and dielectric material - from metal-and-paper ones that came from the last century, to the most modern polymers, such as polyester, polyethylene, lavsan, polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate, polyphenylene sulfide and many others.