Sagitta electric motors

Continuously improve work efficiency and earn a good reputation for innovation, energy efficiency and stable operation of the electric motors produced.

 Sagitta, Shangjida Electronic Technology Shenzhen Corp is Taiwan's leading enterprise specialized in the development and production of various AC motors, mini blowers and household, industrial electric fans.

 Sagitta was founded in 1998 and has made great progress in the production of electric motors, the professionalism of engineers and employees.

In recent years, Sagitta's engineering team has developed a new technology in the manufacture of electric motors based on the patented internal winding system, compared with the traditional internal motor winding, the Sagitta motor winding saves up to 50% copper wire. The motors of this series are already widely used in household appliances, industrial fans, fan coil units and exhaust fans. Sagitta has gained a leading position due to its professionalism, honesty and trust from its customers.

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