Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.A.

Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.A. With over 50 years of fan manufacturing experience, around 750 employees and the most extensive product line on the market, Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.A is one of the most important fan manufacturers.

Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.A offers high performance fans based on centrifugal, roof, axial and process air fans for both serial requirements and individual projects. Production facilities, subsidiaries and representatives all over the world are the prerequisite for a close partnership and guarantee closeness to customers. Our own intensive research and development organization, modern production, fast response times and fast and competent service have always been important success factors for Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.A.

Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.A was established in 2005 after the acquisition of the Italian company Nicotra by the German ventilation business Gebhardt Ventilatoren, after which it has taken a strong position in the German and Northern European market, strengthening its leading position in the international market.

Nicotra started manufacturing centrifugal fans in the early sixties. The stringent demands of the market, the compliance of the fans with the technical specifications and the quality of the product quickly made Nicotra the leading company in the Italian market for light ventilation systems.

1958 YEAR

Gebhardt Ventilatoren launched a new fan concept for the time, direct driven centrifugal fans driven by a newly developed external rotor motor. This compact fan concept was quickly adopted by the market, allowing the young company to develop successfully.

The following years were characterized by a steady growth of the company with an increase in the product range.

From 1984 to 1992 YEAR

Gebhardt Ventilatoren expanded through the creation and acquisition of companies in other European countries. The company later expanded into the Asian and North American markets by establishing its own companies. In addition, Gebhardt Ventilatoren bought a plant in Vogtland (Germany) for the production of external rotor motors.

Another takeover of the company allowed Gebhardt to bring powerful industrial and process fans to the market. All in all, Gebhardt has developed into one of the leading fan manufacturers on the European market.

2005 YEAR

Nicotra buys Gebhardt Ventilatoren and a new history of Nicotra Gebhardt S.p.A begins.

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