Electric motors Giordano Riello International Group

GRIG (Giordano Riello International Group) was founded in 1963 by Mr. Giordano Riello with the formation of the Aermec brand, specializing in the production of air conditioning systems, and after that, the company SIERRA, a manufacturer of heat exchangers, was founded. SIERRA is one of the key manufacturers of air conditioning devices and elements.

The success of Aermec and its expansion in the Italian and European markets was constant, so that in 1976 Aermec's production area doubled to 20420 m2. The number of employees increased to 280 and the turnover reached 100 billion Italian lire.

In 1978, RPM Motori Elletrici was established to manufacture its own electric motors and in 1987 ELETTROTEST was founded, which has an advanced research laboratory and production of instruments and electronic control systems.

The production cycle of Giordano Riello International Group in the field of air conditioning technology and air flow control was completed in 1990 with the founding of FAST, a company specializing in the production of ventilation equipment. The head office of FAST is located in Montagnana, near Padua in Italy, and originally had an area of ​​4500 m2 and 37 employees.

The group of companies has grown over the years and in 1991 the company GR MOTORI Elettrici was established to produce electric fans, and in 2003 the Giordano Riello International Group holding opened its first delocalization production in Romania - RPM HUNGARIA, headquartered in Salgotarjan , 100 kilometers from Budapest, producing components and electric motors with special properties.

The above figures paint a picture of the success that has been achieved at Giordano Riello International Group over the past 40 years. Now Giordano Riello International Group has more than 1,500 workers employed in various institutions, which occupy a total of 100,000 m2. With a turnover exceeding 350,000,000 euros in 2005, including entities controlled or heavily owned by Giordano Riello International Group in Germany (Aermec Gmbh), England (Aiax AC Ltd), Spain (Airlan SA), France (Aermec SAS) and the Netherlands (Holland Conditioning).

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