Fasco Motors

A manufacturer of electric motors with over 100 years of history, began in one factory in Rochester, New York in 1911 as the F.A. Smith Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of electric oil pumps for automobiles.

Today, Fasco Motors is more than 5,000 people at 13 locations in North America and Asia Pacific, constantly expanding its global capabilities and producing the world's most complete line of electric motors and blowers. In 1983, Fasco Motors produced its 100,000,000th electric motor.

 More than 100 Fasco Motors engineers and technicians around the world are involved in the design, prototyping and testing of electric motors.

Since 2004 Fasco Motors, the manufacturer of electric motors, has become part of Tecumseh, an American manufacturer of hermetic compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration, and since 2007, part of Regal Beloit Corporation.

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