Electric motors Euro Motors Italia

Is a specialized company that has been manufacturing electric motors and fans for refrigeration and air conditioning since 1988.

The range of motors ranges from 2 to 600 watts of power output, including shielded pole motors, power supply circuit motors, three-phase motors, as well as brand new Euro Motors Italia low consumption solutions according to EU-125/2009 standard. In addition, Euro Motors Italia has special UL and VDE lines for the production of special motors and fans. The air flow range of the latter ranges from 50 to 4500 m3/h.

Motors and fans are designed and manufactured according to the customer's specifications.

Euro Motors Italia has a manufacturing facility in Grezzago, Italy and employs 95 full-time employees and generates approximately $24 million in annual turnover for Euro Motors Italia. Euro Motors Italia Spa is one of the largest employers in the region.

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